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Yammy Icons

Because I Have Nothing Better to Do

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Yo, mina-san! Welcome to my icon journal!

Who is this?

yamsteapot here. I've been rather active with my iconing and graphics, so I thought it finally deserved a proper place. Back in the day, it was cybermonkeyps, where my older stuff can be found. If you're looking for icon bases for series like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Saiyuki, Hellsing or Tsubasa Chronicle, it could be some place to look.

What tools and resources do I use?

Photoshop 7 is my dear, dear friend, and when I go to do a motion icon, I use Image Ready.

I use a lot of textures and feel admittingly quite guilty for not being able to remember all the names of everyone whom I have taken from and for that I'm terribly sorry. Though I can say that everything I use texture/brushes-wise comes from icon_textures and 100x100_brushes. Basically, I think all the members of both those communities deserve credit. Even if I haven't taken all of them, I've seen things that have given me lots of ideas of my own. If you're an icon-maker, those places are worth going to. All the members rock.

What sort of icons do I make?

As you can tell from my interests, it's a lot of anime and manga. Every now and then there is something different. To look for a particular series, make sure to look at the tags listed on the sidebar. If it's not there, then I haven't done any pertaining to that fandom. I've also tagged entries with headers and banners since I don't post them very often.

Will I do requests?

You won't know until you ask! I very rarily turn down an opportunity when someone asks me, as it's obvious I love to icons. I prefer to do things within my fandom range or at least used to iconing (basically, series listed in the tags). If it's something I haven't done before, I'll need an image and/or a gallery link so I can find an image easily. If there's something specific you want (text or such) lemme know, otherwise I'll assume I'm allowed to run free with artistic license.


1. Please comment before taking and tell me what you're taking.

2. Credit in the comments area (or somewhere in there) of each icon when you upload them onto your userpics as either yamsteapot or yammy_icons.

3. Enjoy them!

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Places for Icon/Graphics Resources:


If you want to swap links, just drop me a comment or an email!