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First Real Icon Post - Yammy Icons
Because I Have Nothing Better to Do
First Real Icon Post
40 people dropped the lovely coconuts. // Play it for the monkey!
insaneladybug From: insaneladybug Date: October 28th, 2006 06:09 am (UTC) (Link)
W00t! Awesome stuff here! X3 So many, many favorites....

XD I was actually going to do an icon like DC #1, once, but then I decided to leave it up to you. And now you have done it! **snicker.**

LOL @ DC #2, and #6. And I love the serious ones. X3 The text all matches so perfectly! Where does the phrase on DC #7 come from, or is it just a random phrase? **can't remember if it's from a song or not.** And I adore DC #10. X3 **strokes it.**

I would take so many of these, both of the DC ones and the FF7 ones, if I had room. XD; Of the FF7 ones, I particularly love the first three, #8/#9, and #12-#18. ^^

Of the Tsubasa ones, favorites are #1 (awesome coloring, as always!), #2, #4-#7, and #11. And all the variations on "Burning Angel Wings to Dust" are awesome. That lyric fits so well. I also like #13.

The second xxxHolic one appeals to me. XD Amusing, and true. And all four of the RG Veda ones rock. I must investigate that manga.

LOL @ Naruto sticking his tongue out. XD
yamsteapot From: yamsteapot Date: October 28th, 2006 06:32 am (UTC) (Link)
You know . . . part of me thinks I've done an icon like #1 before. It was really dejavu. Or maybe I started to do it and didn't like it.

#7 I actually just made up, but I think there's actually a Sonata Arctica song titled that it, or something very similar. I got the idea for #10 when listening to "Lost in a Portrait" because of something Starbuck had said on Battlestar Galactica made me think of it.

My fave of the FFVII: AC ones would have to be #9, hands down. There are some that come close behind, but just don't come up to same par.

I'm not sure whether I like #8 or #9 of the Tsubasa ones better. They're both rather appealing in their own way. **hasn't decided which she wants to use** I'll probably use #8 since it's the original and what I originally had in mind.

That's the image from one of the CLAMP things that come with two chess pieces. Thus Yuuko being depicted as the Queen. **really wishes she would have been into CLAMP when those were at the bookstore** They were expensive though. @@

RG Veda is a curious manga. I'm in the second volume and I keep meaning to get back to it. I like it, though you can tell by the way things go that it's really old and how much CLAMP has developed since they first began. It's worth the read, but I think I still like Ashura-ou of Tsubasa better so far.

Naruto seems to do that for a lot of the manga images. I'm personally fond of Kakashi on the drums. LOL
40 people dropped the lovely coconuts. // Play it for the monkey!